Two Russian missiles hit Kharkiv, wounding five, damage residential building, university campus

5 February, 11:30 AM
The central building of Kharkiv National University of Urban Economy named after O.M. Beketova (Photo:Ірина Венедіктова / Facebook)

The central building of Kharkiv National University of Urban Economy named after O.M. Beketova (Photo:Ірина Венедіктова / Facebook)

The Russian military have again struck the city of Kharkiv, wounding five civilians, the head of the Kharkiv Oblast Military Administration, Oleg Synegubov, reported on his Telegram messenger channel on Feb. 5.

Two missiles from an S-300 air defense system hit the city center, authorities there said. One struck a residential building, and the other the building of a university.

While the S-300 is an air defense system, its missiles can be set to attack ground targets. They are, however, very inaccurate when used in this way.

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According to public broadcaster Suspilne Kharkiv, one of the missiles hit the foundations of a four-story residential building: its walls are intact, but all the windows and glass panes are shattered. There are damaged cars, and one of them was smashed to pieces.

Five civilian casualties were reported in the wake of that missile strike: Initial reports said a 54-year-old woman and two men, aged 51 and 55 respectively, had been wounded. Later a fourth casualty from the building was reported.

Additionally, it was reported that a security guard at the university building had been injured in the missile strike there. Video circulating on social media showed heavy damage to the roof of one wing the large university building – the Kharkiv National University of Urban Economics.

According to the mayor of the city, Ihor Terekhov, a fire broke out in the residential building hit by a Russian missile. A fire was also reported at the university building.

Later, Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov said that two enemy missiles had hit the Kyivskyi district of the city of Kharkiv.

"The State Emergency Service is already working at the site of the missile strikes, dismantling the rubble and conducting a search operation," he wrote.

Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor's Office/Telegram
Photo: Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor's Office/Telegram

Russian missiles have hit several residential buildings in Ukrainian cities in recent weeks. One hit a residential building in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk in Donetsk Oblast on Feb. 1, killing three people and blowing out the window and doors of nearby houses.

And in a shocking atrocity on Jan. 14, a Russian anti-ship missile with a one-ton high-explosive warhead slammed into an apartment block in Dnipro, in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, demolishing an entire section of the nine-story building, killing 46 civilians and injuring another 80.

During the following rescue operation, 39 people were pulled from the rubble of the building. Another 11 people from the apartment block have been reported missing.

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