Ukrainian forces destroy four Russian command and control posts on the southern front

22 September, 01:18 PM
Armed Forces of Ukraine (

Armed Forces of Ukraine (

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed four command and control posts on the the southern front, the Ukrainian military’s Operational Command South reported on Sept. 21.

The Ukrainian Air Force also conducted 21 air strikes against enemy positions.

In addition, Ukrainian Marines destroyed an enemy Mi-24 helicopter near the village of Kostromka. When the Russians tried to conduct aerial reconnaissance, Ukrainian units discovered and destroyed two Orlan-10 drones.

OC South added that in order to protect their units from air and missile strikes, the invaders deployed air defense units in the Beryslavsky district.

Video of day

Rocket and artillery units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine completed about 280 fire missions, as a result of which the following were hit:

  • 2 C&C posts directly in the city of Kherson;
  • 2 C&C posts in Novovoskresenskyi and Dudchany;
  • 2 ammunition warehouses in Pyatikhatki and Kherson;
  • 3 areas of the concentration of weapons, vehicles and manpower in Dudchany and Nova Kakhovka;
  • A radar station in Krutyi Yar.

“When the invaders tried to move from one bank of the Dnipro to the other, our fire control stopped an attempt to pass the Kakhovka dam and sail by barge from Kherson,” the Operational Command added.

Over the day, the invaders lost 41 soldiers, 4 tanks, 12 units of other armored vehicles and an Buk-M2/3 anti-aircraft missile system.

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