Ukraine’s Armed Forces sets out what weapons it needs to defeat Russia

15 March, 06:19 PM
Ukraine needs more projectiles for the HIMARS MLRS (Photo:General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine/Facebook)

Ukraine needs more projectiles for the HIMARS MLRS (Photo:General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine/Facebook)

Ukraine’s Armed Forces know exactly what they need in order to beat back Russia’s brutal war of aggression – and now they want everyone to know, too, Military Media Center wrote on Telegram on March 15.

"Due to the high intensity of hostilities, as well as for self-protection and liberation of the temporarily occupied areas, Ukraine needs to be supplied with both defensive and offensive weapons from its international allies," the message reads.

The most necessary types of weapons specified as following:

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  • HIMARS rockets
  • MARS rockets
  • 155 mm shells
  • 120 mm mines
  • air defense missiles
  • anti-tank missiles or ATGM systems
  • aircraft munitions
  • loitering munitions (i.e. kamikaze drones)
  • 105 and 125 mm tank shells

The report said that Western weapons demonstrate greater effectiveness on the battlefield compared to the Soviet equivalents used by the Russian army.

"It allows the Ukrainian military to spend less ammunition whilst accomplishing all tasks with less risk to life," the Defense Forces concluded.

Ukraine has asked the European Union to supply 250,000 artillery rounds to the Ukrainian Armed Forces monthly to address the shortage, said the Financial Times.

If the allies fail to supply Ukraine with ammunition, the outcome of the war will be at risk, EU Diplomacy Chief Josep Borrell said on Feb. 20.

Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called on the allies to increase arms production for Ukraine, as NATO has exhausted most of its stockpiles of weapons and ammunition.

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