Ukraine targets Russian ammo dumps with new weapons, says military expert

5 July, 07:41 PM
HIMARS working on the Zaporizhzhya Oblast (Photo:General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine)

HIMARS working on the Zaporizhzhya Oblast (Photo:General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine)

Having received HIMARS multiple rocket launchers and other long-range weapons, Ukraine has changed its tactics of warfare, military expert Petro Chernyk said on the air of Radio NV on July 5.

"I would call this tactic a very specific term – the Ukrainian steel thresher is now working in full swing,” said Chernyk.

“That is, there is an immeasurable amount of their materiel, I mean ammunition dumps. Believe me, we are talking tens of thousands of tons all over the Russian Federation. ... But in Ukraine, high-precision millstones have appeared, which can grind these ammunition depots."

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Four of the M142 HIMARS missile systems have already arrived in Ukraine, and the United States promises to deliver four more in mid-July.

The Ukrainian military is already using HIMARS at the front. It was reported on June 26 that two command posts of the Russian army were struck as a result of the use of HIMARS.

Thus, according to the expert, Ukraine is reducing the firepower capabilities of the Russian Federation, because "if there are no projectiles — there are no heavy artillery strikes."

"This is the right strategy and tactic, because it is quite difficult and expensive to hunt for individual divisions — everything is mobile, no one stands still,” Chernyk said.

“It doesn't matter what kind of artillery — trailed, wheeled, tracked or on a car chassis: you fire a volley — then move, fire a volley — move. We act inexactly the same way. And we finally have the means to (destroy) their munitions at long distances."

Conflict Intelligence Team analysts say that a hospital in occupied Melitopol is overrun with Russians after being hit by the U.S. system.

The Pentagon has also said that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are successfully using the new weapons delivered from the United States.

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