First NASAMS systems to arrive soon, says Defense Minister Reznikov

18 October 2022, 10:30 AM
The USA is preparing to transfer NASAMS systems to Ukraine (

The USA is preparing to transfer NASAMS systems to Ukraine (

Ukraine will soon receive its first NASAMS air defense systems, Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov announced on Facebook on Oct. 17.

NASAMS, an acronym for Norwegian Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System, is a modern anti-air defense system developed jointly by Norway and the United States, intended for countering drones, cruise missiles, as well as conventional aircraft and helicopters.

According to the minister, Ukrainian troops are about to complete their training on the system, adding that thousands of Ukrainian soldiers have already undergone the training, and tens of thousands are set to receive training in partner countries.

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Reznikov noted that the Ramstein-format summits, named after the NATO air base in Ramstein, Germany, has already brought dividends for Ukraine – he stated that the country has not only received the necessary Western weapons, but is also implementing the NATO LOGFAS system to ensure accounting and logistics, is reforming the defense procurement system in accordance with the principles of the North Atlantic Alliance, and is conducting "one of the largest transformations of the Defense Forces since World War II, moreover, during the active phase of hostilities." According to Reznikov, Ukraine's partners "have fewer and fewer arguments not to provide Ukraine with aircraft and tanks."

"The brutal Russian attack on civilian infrastructure pushed for political changes which the Ukrainian team had been working on at the technical level since August,” he stressed.

“We raised the issue of organizing a three-tier air defense/anti-missile defense system in Ukraine in mails, during telephone conversations and at Ramstein-5. That is why the partners needed only a few days to formulate the specifics.”

Reznikov noted that following the Ramstein-6 meeting, his American counterpart Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley stated that the main priority of assistance to Ukraine is the creation of an integrated anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense system to protect the Ukrainian airspace, and more than 50 participating countries "are considering options for participating in this work on a practical level."

The minister also recalled that Spain had quickly decided to transfer HAWK air defense systems to Ukraine (Ukraine sent the first requests about two months ago), while the United Kingdom and the Netherlands promised to transfer additional missiles for the existing air defense systems, while negotiations on the supply of Crotale missile systems are ongoing with Paris. Kyiv also hopes for a positive decision on SAMP-T air defense systems.

"The Russian invaders will be the first to experience the non-public details of our discussions,” Reznikov wrote. 

“We have repeatedly surprised them, and should preserve this tradition.”

Earlier, Reznikov said that Ukraine would receive the first NASAMS systems from the United States in October. Following massive Russian missile strikes on Ukraine earlier that month, the Pentagon said that the United States would transfer air defense systems to Ukraine as soon as possible.

Two NASAMS batteries were included in the $820 million aid package to Ukraine announced by Washington on July 1. And on Aug. 24, Ukraine’s Independence Day, the Pentagon announced a new package of U.S. assistance worth almost $3 billion, including six additional NASAMS batteries and missiles.

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