Ukrainian authorities report thousands of forced deportations from Donbas

26 March, 03:48 PM
Mariupol, March 26, 2022 (Photo:Azov Special Operations Detachment)

Mariupol, March 26, 2022 (Photo:Azov Special Operations Detachment)

Russian invaders have already forcibly deported tens of thousands of Ukrainians from Donetsk Oblast, according to the press secretary of the regional military state council Tetiana Ihnatchenko-Tyurina. In order to check their "loyalty", the Russians created “filtration" camps, she told Radio NV.

“We already have reports of several locations of filtration camps,” she said.

“We have information from people who were taken to Dokuchayivsk, near Novoazovsk, to (occupied) Novoazovsk itself. There are people among law enforcement officers who were deported, forcibly taken to Donetsk. There are people who were sent to the temporarily Russian-occupied Crimea.”

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These "filtration camps" conduct background checks of the forcibly abducted Ukrainian citizens, in order to test who is “loyal” enough to enter Russia, the press secretary reported.

“They seize phones, Ukrainian documents (everything, including passports and state-issued certificates) and instead give some sort of an ausweis (certificates that were issued during the German occupation of Ukraine during World War II). According to this ausweis, those whom the occupiers consider trustworthy can enter the Russian Federation.”

After that, Ihnatchenko-Tyurina added, people are sent to various regions of Russia, including remote ones, and communication with the deportees is cut off:

“People reported that they were being sent to Omsk, in the Krasnodar Krai, and after that, at least in my case, I was no longer able to get through to them,” she said.

“What happens to them next (is) unclear, but we are talking about tens of thousands of deported people. About 25,000 are those that we have already confirmed. From Mariupol, from the Mariupol area, and partly from Volnovakha district.”

On March 25, the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine reported that Russia had created these “filtration” camps in Dokuchayivsk, in Donetsk Oblast.

The Mariupol City Council announced that the Russian invaders were forcibly taking thousands of city residents to Russia on March 24. Ukraine is already compiling a database of deportees and will work on their return.

The Office of the President also noted that over the past week, 26,477 people have been evacuated from Mariupol through humanitarian corridors to territory controlled by Ukraine.

The city has been under blockade since March 1. There is no electricity, water, gas, heating and mobile communications. Due to enemy shelling, delivery of water, food, medicine, and children's goods to the city is impossible. Thousands of Mariupol residents are feared to have perished from the blockade and constant Russian assault.

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