More drone attacks, 700 Russians neutralized, watching Russia’s nukes

3 January, 03:10 PM

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•    For a second night in a row, Russia attacked the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast with Iranian-made drones.

Giving news of the latest attack, Regional Governor Oleksiy Kuleba said on the Telegram messenger that the enemy had targeted critical infrastructure facilities. “The fragments of a downed UAV in the Desnianskyi district damaged balconies and windows in a high-rise building,” the head of Kyiv’s military administration, Serhiy Popko, added on Telegram.

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•    Around 400 Russian soldiers were killed and another 300 wounded in a precision Ukrainian strike on a school housing mobilized troops in the Donbas.

The strike, which hit the building of Vocational School No. 19 in Makiyivka, a town in the Russian-occupied part of Donetsk Oblast, was carried out late on New Year's Eve, the Strategic Communications Department of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported on Jan. 1. The Ukrainian source did not say what weapon had been used to carry out the strike.

•    A drone attack reportedly took place in the Klimovo district of Russia’s Bryansk Oblast.

Local Russian authorities claim that there were no casualties, but that an energy facility was damaged, leaving settlements in the area without power. In addition, a strong blast reportedly occurred near the Baltimore military airfield in Voronezh, Russia, at night. However, no information about the consequences of the strike has been reported yet.

•    The Ukrainian military knows the location of, and is monitoring, all Russian nuclear weapon storage sites.

According to a spokesperson for Ukrainian military intelligence, the 12th Chief Directorate of Russia’s Ministry of Defense is responsible for the preparation and delivery of nuclear warheads to weapons. The spokesperson noted that Ukraine has experience in monitoring and intelligence of strategic and other military drills of nuclear forces, which have been held since 2014 and earlier.

•    EU leaders will discuss Ukraine’s membership application at the next EU-Ukraine summit.

Matti Maasikas, the head of the European Union Delegation to Ukraine, said this summit will be held in early 2023. “I can only repeat that through the historic June decision of the European Council, Ukraine was given the prospect of becoming a member of the EU — on the understanding that reforms are continued,” he said.

•    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is working on providing support for Ukraine.

“So far, out to the international financial institutions, we have provided the largest amount of financing for Ukraine — $2.7 billion in emergency financing — and we are working for 2023 to be a significant part of the support for Ukraine,” said IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva.

•    Ukraine exported 22.76 million tons of grain crops from the beginning of the 2022/2023 marketing year — July to June.

According to the agency, more than half (55.5%) of the total supply is corn — 12.64 million tons, another 8.41 million tons of wheat (36.9%) and 1.63 million tons of barley (7.1%). The pace of grain exports since the beginning of the current MY is 31.43% lower than in the same period last MY (from July 1, 2021 to Jan. 2, 2022, 33.2 million tons were exported).

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