Spring offensive planned, 250,000 Russian estimated lost, Sevastopol explosions

5 January, 03:37 PM

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That’s according to Ukraine’s military intelligence chief, Kyrylo Budanov, during an interview with ABC News. “This is (when we will see more) liberation of territories and dealing the final defeats to the Russian Federation,” he said. “This will happen throughout Ukraine, from Crimea to the Donbas.”

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The blasts were heard in the city’s Fruktove and Soldatske districts. Meanwhile, the occupying authorities of Sevastopol announced that the Russian air defense had allegedly downed two drones over the sea near the Belbek airfield, one of Russia’s main military airbases on the occupied peninsula. Ukraine’s General Staff has not yet commented on the incident.

This was confirmed by a spokesperson for the gun’s manufacturer, Nicholas Drummond of Krauss-Maffei Wegmann. “Sometimes combining two proven solutions in a new concept can be revolutionary while avoiding significant risk; Boxer RCH155 production for Ukraine has commenced,” Drummond said, referring to the howitzer’s design.

French Admiral Hervé Bléjean stated that the Kremlin has lost “60% of its total stock of battle tanks and 70% of its stock of ground-attack missiles,” and that “40% of armored personnel carriers and 20% of artillery” had also been disabled by November. The admiral noted that it is more difficult to estimate the losses on the Ukrainian side. He said that the EU believes they are lower than the Russian ones, “but still significant.”

Ihoannis’ press office stated that Zelenskyy had agreed that countries foreign ministers would hold talks on this issue in near future. Iohannis also condemned Russian missile strikes on civilian targets and critical infrastructure in Ukraine, and confirmed that Romania will continue to help Ukraine and the Ukrainian people for as long as necessary.

Maslo is suspected of failing to declare UAH 7.8 million ($212,000) in assets. According to a NABU investigation, the judge was obliged to, but did not, submit information about two plots of land and two houses in the suburbs of Kyiv belonging to her in her 2020 declaration. She and her husband were using the property throughout that year.

The legal move was made possible thanks to new evidence collected during proceedings against Zhevago in the High Court of England and Wales, according to the Fund. “We have a strong evidence base — more than 7,000 originals and copies of documents — letters, descriptions of schemes, and loan case materials totalling about 300,000 pages,” said Viktor Novikov, Deputy Managing Director of DGF.

Drone imports no longer require additional documents and certificates, and all the necessary paperwork can now be performed at customs, by submitting a corresponding declaration. “No additional documents are required for the import of civilian drones as humanitarian aid, including letters of guarantee. Thanks to these changes, the rules for importing humanitarian aid under martial law become clearer and simpler,” explained Economy Minister Yulia Svyrydenko.

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