Russian military launch attacks on Chernihiv Oblast with artillery and mortars

29 January, 08:20 PM
Russian invaders (Photo:REUTERS/Alexander Ermochenko)

Russian invaders (Photo:REUTERS/Alexander Ermochenko)

The Russian military hit the northern Ukrainian region of Chernihiv Oblast with artillery and mortars on the afternoon of Jan. 29, the Ukrainian military’s North Operational Command reported on Telegram on Jan. 29.

Eight hits were recorded in the vicinity of the village of Khrinivka, a village about 3.6 kilometers from the Ukrainian-Russian border, in the north of Chernihiv Oblast, close to the point where the borders of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus meet.

The shells that hit in the vicinity of Khrinivka were probably fired from a 120mm mortar, the Ukrainian military said.

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With Russian 120mm mortars having effective firing ranges of from 5.7 kilometers to 7.1 kilometers, the shells were most probably fired across the border from Russia, as Russian forces were expelled from Chernihiv oblast by Ukrainian forces in early April last year.

There were three more hits in the area of the village of Krasnyi Khutir – probably from a self-propelled artillery gun. Krasnyi Khutir is also in the north of Chernihiv Oblast, further east then Khrinivka and even closer to a heavily wooded section of the Russian border, which is only 1.3 kilometers away.

The military noted that there were no casualties among Ukrainian military personnel and equipment.

Neither were there reports of casualties among the local population or damage to civil infrastructure.

The Russian invasion forces also shelled Chernihiv and Sumy oblasts with mortars on Jan. 28.

A total of 27 hits were recorded.

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