Oligarch sanctioned, Poland unblocks aid, how Vovk went down

16 December 2022, 03:55 PM

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The final document also holds Moscow responsible for the 2010 Smolensk tragedy, in which Poland’s political elite died in a plane crash in Russia. The resolution was carried by 231 votesin favor, while 226 MPs, including opposition parties, abstained. It calls Russia’s aggression against Ukraine a “gross violation” of the UN Charter and Ukrainian “sovereignty, political independence, and territorial integrity.”

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The attack cut power to the Berdyanska Spit area, where an enemy unit trains newly mobilized soldiers, according to Ukraine’s National Resistance Center. "Unidentified persons blew up a transformer substation and a power line pole with TNT blocks, leaving the occupiers' bar-racks without power," the National Resistance Center wrote.

The blast at the refinery, located in the city of Angarsk in Russia’s eastern Irkutsk Oblast, caused a fire that spread to a total of 2,500 square meters, according to local authorities. Two refinery workers were killed, and five more were injured by the blast. According to local media, a gas leak in the processing plant’s systems caused the incident.

  • Meanwhile, a Russian military transport plane caught fire at an airport in Russia’s far east.

Poland had initially objected to one of the points in the aid package would set a minimum corporate tax rate in the EU at 15%. However, Poland did not get its way – other EU leaders didn’t budge, and the country withdrew its veto. An earlier veto by Hungary was also overridden, unblocked the aid package entirely.

That’s the analysis by Israeli officer and analyst Yigal Levin, who noted that Melitopol serves as a hub for Russian forces. “If you liberate Melitopol, you cut off one of the roads to Crimea. The Crimean bridge remains, and we have seen that the Crimean bridge is vulnerable. Now, that would be no longer theoretical, but very much real,” Yigal said.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba earlier said that a special tribunal would effectively be the only viable option for brining Russian military and political leadership to justice for the crimes of aggression against Ukraine – a position echoed by U.S. officials. “As for the UN tribunal – we continue to examine the proposal and are working on it,” White House National Security spokesman John Kirby said.

A total of 507 MEPs voted in favor, 12 were against, and another 17 abstained. The resolution expresses solidarity with the people of Ukraine and honors the memory of the millions of people who died as a result of the deliberate actions of the Stalinist regime to organize artificial famine.

That’s according to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who noted that this is the amount needed to cover the loss of generation capacity caused by Russian missile strikes on Ukraine’s power grid. Zelenskyy said, “any blackouts in Ukraine are strikes at your social systems due to new waves of migration.”

It’s reached 2.48 points – comparable to the values of 2020 during the active phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the first half of 2022, the Index fell by half a point to 2.17 points, out of5 possible.

Potanin, who owns Rosbank, as well as nickel mining company Norlisk Nickel, is believed to be part of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s inner circle. His holding company, Interros Holding, has also been sanctioned.

NV examines the history of the Ukrainian parliament’s attempts to reform or remove the infamous Kyiv District Administrative Court and its head judge, corruptioneer Pavlo Vovk.

Former Ukrainian ambassador to Belarus Roman Bezmertnyi goes over the facts of Russian influence in an abortive coup attempt by far-right forces in Germany.

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